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Cub Scout Advancement Modifications - Effective 11/30/16.
The Boy Scouts of America has announced modifications to Cub Scouting that make the program more flexible for busy parents, den leaders and Cubmasters. We are incorporating those updates now and will let you know when that is complete.

Update: The Adventures and Elective Adventures have been updated! Please take a look and let us know what you think.

Click here for a summary of the changes. You can also find the new requirements on the Scout Source Program Updates page.
Den Leaders:
View and update all new Adventures and Electives
Create your own Den Meeting Plans or use the plans laid out in the Den Leaders Handbook.
Track your son's progress
Update tasks that are done at home
Awards Chairperson:
No more hounding den leaders for awards and sorting through emails
The new Adventure Program is here!
Click here to learn more and get started.
Looking for the old requirements? We still have them!
Click here to go to the old site.