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Den Meetings

For the new Adventure program, the BSA has put together a series of Den Meeting plans that when followed will result in the scouts completing all of the requirements for that Adventure. You can view all of the plans at CubScouts.org.

Since some requirements take more than one den meeting to accomplish, we developed "Adventure Series", or a series of den meetings that you create, and when you complete that series of den meetings, the scouts have earned the specified requirements.

Here's how it works.
  1. On the Adventure pages, click on the Add Den Meetings icon. Here you can enter in den meeting info and click Update to save.
  2. Click on this icon to edit the den meetings.
  3. Click on this icon to mark the den meetings complete. All scouts in attendance will be updated to show they have earned all of the requirements specified for that den meeting series.
  4. If the edit icon is grey, that just means the den meeting series has already been marked complete. You can still view the details. Even edit them if needed.
  5. Again, a grey icon means the den meeting series has already been marked as completed, but you can still mark it complete again. This is helpful if a scout missed all or a portion of the series, but was able to complete it later.

What about Campouts?

We realize that some den or pack events such as campouts do not fall nicely into a specific Adventure Series. For example, on a campout with Webelos I scouts, you may complete part of Cast Iron Chef, part of Webelos Walkabout, and part of First Responder, among other things. So we are also working on 'free form' den meeting plans where you can specify requirements from any adventure or elective. Look for these coming soon!